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Homeopathic Family Planning Methods and Treatment

Homeopathic Contraceptive

Homeopathic Contraceptive Remedies exist or not? The majority of homeopathy followers do not know about it. In this post, we will discuss homeopathic contraceptive remedies and their existence.

Majority of us desire Sexual Freedom and avoid pregnancy. To attain these two goals, we are trying to explore different methods and medicines from centuries. People in general and homeopaths particularly ask either there are Homeopathic Contraceptive Remedies available for birth control/family planning?

Nowadays the use of contraceptive methods become a normal routine in all over the World, therefore, visitors of homeopathic clinics ask for effective homeopathic contraceptive remedies for family planning to avoid pregnancy.

America was the first country where the government officially approved the contraceptive Pill in May 1960. In beginning, different religious groups of Jews, Christian and Islam strongly opposed, because they believed it will increase premarital relationships in the society, which ultimately will destroy the family system.

 The methods used to the deliberate prevention of conception or pregnancy is called “Contraception”.

Major side effects of Hormonal Contraceptives?

When we use some chemical, it has few side effect on our health. According to American Academy of Family Physicians, use of hormonal contraceptive Pills and methods may cause following side effects in women;

• Weight gain

• Breast aching

• Acne • Leucorrhoea

• Decreased sexual desire

• Headaches

Mood swing

• Hair falling

• Nausea

• Irregular periods

              As the use of contraceptive methods becoming common in the modern world, its side effects are increasing due to the coupling of different other factors exist in our environment. Unfortunately, the majority of contraceptive Pills users do not know their severity.

Homeopathy and Family Planning.

      Homeopathic Contraceptive For                                Family Planning

Homeopathic   Contraceptive For Family Planning

/ Birth Control.

In homeopathy, when we try to find rubrics about Contraceptive in Repertory, we find nothing, which makes frustrated to our homeopath friends.

Here are few rubrics for after effects of Contraceptive methods and their side effects.

Amenorrhoea, contraceptive, usage after                       Pulsatilla, Sulphur.

Breasts shrivel, contraceptive, usage after                      Conium, Natrum-Mur

Constitutional effects, contraceptives, usage after        Aurum-Met

Convulsions, contraceptives, usage after       Calcaria-Carb, Nux-Vomica, Platinum-Met, Plumbum-Met, Sepia,                                                                                             Silicea, Stramonium,Sulphur

Diabetes, contraceptives, usage after                                Kali-Phos, Natrum-Mur

Hair on face and limbs, contraceptives, usage after        Natrum-Mur, Sepia

Hysteria, contraceptives, usage after                                Bellis-Per, Hypericum, Ignatia, Staphysagria

Hysteria, in woman after the vasectomy to her husband – Conium ( Reference – SEQUELAE) Few more conditions following Contraceptive use/abuse are

( Reference – SEQUELAE)

Few more conditions following Contraceptive use/abuse are


Nervous affections                                             Gelsemium, Gua, Kali-Phos, Naturum -Met, Silicea

Sexual weakness (in male)                               Ignatia, Kali-Phos, Silicea, Staph.

Spinal exhaustion                                              Gelsemium, Kali-Phos, Naturum-Met, Silicea

Irritation                                                              Gelsemium, Naturum-Met, Silicea

Ulcer (Peptic)                                                      Apis-Mel, Ignatia.

Uterus prolapsed                                              Aurum-Met, Platinium-Met, Sepia.

MIND / Birth control pill agg.                           Medorrhinum

HEAD / Pain / Birth control pill agg                Pulsatilla

FACE / Eruptions / Acne / Birth control pills amel              Medorrhinum

GENERALITIES / Birth control pill agg.                                 Bromide, Carci, Medorrhinum, Pulsatilla, Sepia. GENERALITIES / Intoxication, after / Birth control pill      Sepia

                                                                                                   Source: Complete Dynamics.

Personnel Chapter – Birth control/Contraceptive pill; ailments after

Ammonium-Carb, Aristolochia-Clem, Calcaria-Carb, Conium, Folliculinum, Graphite, Kali-Carb. Kali-ferrocyanatum, Lachesis, Millifolium, Naturum-Met, Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Sulphur, Trilium-Pend, Ustilago, Xanthoxylum Fraxineum.

Female Injuries of the uterus; pessary in vagina from    Terebinthina Female Pain Uterus Pessary in

Female Pain Uterus Pessary in vagina                             Hypericum, Nux-Moschata, Terebinthina, Artemisia-Vulg.

Homeopathic remedies help after effect of contraceptives

Homeopathic Folliculinum made from Oestrone, as synthetic Estrogen is very important for problems that arise from the use of Oral Contraceptive Pills . As for Conium, it is also for men after prostatectomy. I had a case with cerebellar ataxia months after prostatectomy because of hypertrophy, not cancer. This ended the physical relationship of the man with his wife whom he loved very much, and the ataxia followed. For “Abstinence” or “Withdrawal”, rubrics may as ;

For “Abstinence” or “Withdrawal”, rubrics may as ;

Genitalia / Sexual Passion / suppressing the, complaints, from                  (Kent)

Genitalia / Sexual /desire, suppressing of , aggrevation                              (Kent)

Genitalia / Masturbation, disposition                                                              (Kent)

MIND / Ambition / ambitious / suppression , from sexual                           (Complete Dynamics)

MIND / Hysteria / sexual excitement / from suppression                            (Complete Dynamics)

MALE / Pain / testes / sexual suppression , aggrevation                              (Complete Dynamics)

For “IUD – Copper-T” or “IUD-Mirena

FEMALE / Foreign bodies, as of , uterus                                                       (Complete Dynamics)

GENERALITIES / Foreign bodies, as of                                                          (Complete Dynamics)

HEAD / Pain / copper , abuse of                                                                     (Complete Dynamics)

GENERALITIES / copper , abuse of                                                                 (Complete Dynamics)

GENERALITIES / Intoxication, after copper                                                   (Complete Dynamics) For the barrier methods like-

For the barrier methods like- “MALE CONDOM”, “FEMALE CONDOM”, “DIAPHRAGM”, etc.

GENITALIA-FEMALE / Irritation (Kent) More rubrics for suppression of sexual desire –

MIND – Anxiety – sexual desire; from suppressed MIND – MEMORY – active – sexual desire; from suppressed

MIND – RAGE – sexual desire; from suppressed

MIND – SADNESS – sexual desire – suppressed sexual desire; sadness after

MIND – SADNESS – sexual excitement – suppressed

MIND – WILD feeling in head – sexual desire; from suppression of

HEAD – PAIN – sexual desire – suppression of

GENITALIA/SEX – SEXUAL DESIRE – suppressed -aggravation.

MALE GENITALIA/SEX – ERECTIONS – wanting – sexual desire – suppression of sexual desire; from

MALE Female Genitalia / Sex – Sexual Desire – suppressed – aggravation.


GENERALS – SEXUAL DESIRE – suppression of sexual desire – aggravation.

Few rubrics for Pessary/Contraceptives ;

STOMACH – NAUSEA – pessary; from

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – INDURATION – Uterus – Cervix – pessary; after use of

FEMALE GENITALIA/SEX – PAIN – Uterus – pessary; from

Female Injuries of the uterus; pessary in vagina from  Terebinthina Female Pain Uterus Pessary in vagina:                             Hypericum, Nux Moschata, Terebinthina, Artemisia-Vul

Homeopathic Conceptive Remedies.

Homeopathy contraceptive remedies work as long as you do not conceive 😉
Pulsatilla and Natrum-Mur, does work in eighty percent (80%) cases but twenty percent (20% ) conceived even after using this prescription.
Renowned Indian homeopath, Dr. Ashok Pandey’s view regarding Natrum-Mur as a contraceptive medicine –
“ Natrum-Mur is the best medicine in Homeopathy for contraception. It doesn’t have any side effects(like leucorrhoea, weight gain, constipation, chest pain, falling of hair, headache, etc) generally occurs while taking allopathic contraceptive pill ”.

How Natrum-Mur 200 X works?

Tissues present in our body contain sodium and chloride which maintain acid-base balance. When Natrum-Mur is given, it increases acid ions in the tissues of reproductive organs which makes the sperms weaker to aid contraception. Homeopathic medicine is given in minute doses, it doesn’t cause any harmful effects and causes only temporary contraception.

Dosage suggested by Dr. Ashok Pandey;

Natrum-Mur should be started once in the evening in 3X potency from the 5th day of the menstrual cycle for 1 month. Then it should be given in the same way in 6X potency in the 2nd month. In the 3rd month, it should be given in 12X potency in the same way. In the 4th month, one dose of 200 potency should be given on 5th day or menses. Then from the 5th month start it again from the 3X potency and repeat the whole cycle in an above-mentioned way.
Some homeopaths suggest Cyclamen Q which should be taken daily from the 10th day of menstrual cycle. Some doctor claims it to be very effective for contraception and some are in opposition for such kind of practice.

My Personel Experience.

I personally recommend Natrum-Mur 200 X.
Application :
When menstrual cycle end, take it two times (BD) on the same day and next day only.


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